Industry Experience

  • Over 40 years’ experience in composites and advanced thermal materials
  • First to win both GE Astro Space Engineer-of-the-Year and One-in-a-Thousand awards. Astro Space Outstanding Presentation Award and nominee for GE Steinmetz Award.
  • Distinguished Lecturer for ASME and AIAA.
  • Invited Lecturer, AIAA 50th Anniversary “Learn from the Masters” series
  • Numerous publications, including papers and encyclopedia and handbook articles.
  • Over 250 in-house and technical society short courses on composites and advanced thermal materials presented worldwide.
  • Extensive experience with polymer matrix-, metal matrix-, ceramic matrix- and carbon matrix composites, including carbon/carbon composites.
  • Pioneered use of composites in a broad range of aerospace/defense and commercial applications; spacecraft and aircraft structures, rocket motor cases, machine components, electronic and optoelectronic thermal management and packaging, optomechanical systems, marine structures, civil engineering structures, automobiles, rapid transit vehicles, robots, flywheels, wind turbines, antennas, pressure vessels, weapon systems and sporting goods.



All courses cover polymer matrix-, metal matrix-, ceramic matrix- and carbon matrix composites, including carbon/carbon composites.  The following courses can be presented remotely (virtually) and tailored to meet your specific requirements and schedule.


ASME Short Course: Design, Analysis, and Fabrication of Composite Structure, Energy, and Machine Applications (Virtual Classroom)

Composites, which include polymer matrix-, metal matrix-, ceramic matrix- and carbon matrix-materials are revolutionizing every aspect of aerospace/defense and industrial applications.  The latter have become the largest user.  There are vast and an increasing number of applications, including: aircraft, spacecraft, wind turbines; oil and natural gas exploration and production; natural gas and hydrogen vehicle storage tanks; high-speed and precision machinery; robots; optomechanical systems; semiconductor manufacturing equipment; automobile and truck parts; gas turbine engines; process industries equipment; heat exchangers;  medical diagnostic equipment; prosthetics; and electronic and optoelectronic thermal management.
This course provides an in-depth presentation of design, analysis and manufacturing methods for composites.  The course emphasizes polymer matrix composites, but ceramic matrix-, metal matrix- and carbon matrix-materials are covered.


AIAA: Advanced Composite Structures

SPIE: SC218 Advanced Composite Materials for Optomechanical Systems and Precision Machinery


SPIE: SC386 Advanced Thermal Management Materials for Optoelectronic, Microelectronic and MEMS Packaging

Practical Applications

Structures Mechanical Systems Electronics